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Periodontal Surgery Specialist

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Practicing good oral care helps maintain the health of your mouth, but problems can still arise despite your best efforts. Fortunately, periodontal surgery can help to address these issues. The team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, in Newburgh, New York, has extensive experience performing periodontal surgery, helping their patients regain their gum health. Call the office to schedule your first appointment today.

Periodontal Surgery Q & A

What is periodontal surgery?

Maintaining the health of our gums and surrounding structures is incredibly important. Gums help root our teeth firmly in place and play a big part in the appearance of our mouth. Unfortunately, gum diseases can occur.

While these can often be treated with non-invasive methods, there are times when surgery is needed. Periodontal surgery is a term that encapsulates many different surgical techniques that target the gums and surrounding areas such as the bones and connective tissues. 

Why is periodontal surgery needed?

Periodontal surgery is most often used to treat periodontitis (gum disease). Periodontitis — a progression of the less serious gingivitis — is a condition where pockets of bacteria-trapping plaque collect in the space between your gums and teeth.

These pockets can become infected, eventually pulling away from your teeth. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to gum loss and tooth loss. Proper oral care can help to prevent plaque build-up that leads to periodontitis

However, if periodontitis does occur, periodontal surgery may be necessary in order to treat it. 

What does periodontal surgery accomplish?

There are many different kinds of periodontal surgery, each targeted at addressing a specific issue. Periodontal surgery includes:

Bone grafting

Bone grafting surgery replaces bone surrounding a tooth that has been damaged or decayed due to periodontal disease, thus restoring the integrity of the tooth.

Flap surgery

Flap surgery is targeted at removing the deep-seated pockets of plaque and tartar that have built up. Following the removal of the plaque, the gum is then stitched back in place securely around the tooth. 

Tissue grafting

Tissue grafting is used to take tissue from a different part of the body and graft it onto the gums. This procedure can help to address receding gums.

Guided tissue regeneration

This procedure is performed in order to allow bone and connective tissue to regrow naturally. A mesh insert is strategically placed to prevent the gums from crowding out the bone and connective tissue so they have a chance to regrow. 

The team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, in Newburgh, New York, has extensive experience performing periodontal surgery and will work closely with you to create a plan of care that addresses your specific needs. 

To learn more, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment with the team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, in Newburgh, New York.