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Everyone wants straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, natural variances in the way teeth grow along with dental traumas can infringe upon a perfect smile. For patients who want to achieve a straighter smile, orthodontics can help. The expert team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, in Newburgh, New York, provides professional orthodontic care. Call today to schedule your first appointment.

Orthodontics Q & A

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with placing, altering, and caring for braces and retainers with the purpose of straightening your teeth and aligning your bite. Anyone that has had braces previously will tell you that the gift of having straight teeth and a beautiful smile is priceless, boosting your self-confidence and improving your appearance.

The team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, has years of experience helping their patients attain the smile of their dreams. 

How are teeth straightened?

Braces are the most common form of straightening devices used by dentists today. Braces come in many forms, the most common being metal and wire braces. The team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC, will place metal anchors on each tooth in need of straightening.

Each anchor is connected to the next with wire, and rubber bands of successive strength are placed over the anchors in order to gradually pull them in the intended direction.

At times, teeth can be straightened with a removable retainer alone. Even if you do need fixed braces, a removable retainer is often necessary once they have been removed in order to keep teeth straight. 

How long do braces stay on for?

The length of time braces should be worn varies from person to person and depends on a variety of factors, including how far the teeth need to be moved, the health of the gums, and how well you follow your dentist’s instructions.

However, most people need to wear braces for anywhere from one to three years. 

Do braces hurt?

Braces can be uncomfortable. Your firmly rooted teeth are being moved. The movement is gradual, but that’s still bound to cause a little pain — especially when your braces have just been tightened.

Pain should be manageable, however, and over-the-counter medication can help if need be. If you are experiencing extreme discomfort, be sure to speak with the team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC.

To learn more about orthodontics and whether you could benefit from straighter teeth, call or go online today to schedule your first appointment with the team at Goldstein & Freud, DDS, PLLC.